North West Property Legal

North West Property Legal

The team at Farleys Solicitors LLP advises on a variety of matters including options and contingency contracts, property management and real estate development. Tom O`Neill is co-head of the practice, specializing in acquisitions and divestitures, as well as landlord and tenant matters. Stephen Greenwood is based in Preston and regularly advises on leases, development and secured financing. Harrison Drury & Co`s “exceptional” commercial real estate team advises clients on a range of issues, including large development projects, agricultural real estate and property transfers. Simon England leads the firm and is a specialist in landlord and tenant issues. Based in Kendal, Naomi Fell has particular experience in the agricultural sector and Amanda Marwood is a key practitioner in the leisure and tourism offer. Wendy Newbury and Lara Watts advise on all aspects of real estate transactions, from acquisitions to real estate financing. “Professional team. We have access to the lawyers we work with – hotline, email, etc. and can meet to discuss cases at the table. Very accessible. A team that is diverse in terms of specialisation, age, personality, etc. can therefore cover a range of areas of law and often tailor personalities to the client.

“This firm is exceptional, it has exceptional lawyers who are very client-oriented. They always get to the heart of the matter and provide sound and practical advice. Their people are their strength. In addition to legal skills, they listen, respect and consider a client`s concerns, which is an important factor in teaching. They are also good value for money. “Fantastic accommodation team of good size to get through the work and not make you feel like you`re standing in line. Friendly, familiar feel firm but with fantastic skills and extensive experience in the market. “A very competent team that specializes exclusively in real estate work. Being outside the city center makes them very competitive. Altrincham-based law firm Land Law LLP is known for its expertise in commercial real estate such as development, investment transactions and the work of landlords and tenants. The “highly skilled team” is led by Managing Partner Angus Whyte, who is responsible for the acquisition, management and disposal of real estate.

Helen Davidson specializes in commercial real estate development and infrastructure work while supporting the management of the business. Sarah Bonwick has extensive experience handling industrial, commercial and residential matters, and Paul Grundy regularly works with developers, investors and appraisers. Jackson “works very quickly and accurately” to advise investor clients as well as landlords and tenants. Northwest Property Management has been an industry leader since 1979. Our 40 employees include 12 chartered property managers with 5 to 30 years of experience managing municipal associations. SAS Daniels LLP`s expertise lies in residential development, but the team also advises on the financing and refinancing of real estate portfolios, as well as sales and acquisitions. Steven Percy leads the team and splits his time between the Macclesfield and Congleton sites. Andrew Clark assists a range of clients, from individuals to businesses, and Nigel Read is commended for going the extra mile when advising primarily on residential property matters. Nicola German recently joined Slater Heelis, where she held the position of Head of Residential Development.

“I have been involved in land law on a number of legal issues for several years. I found the land law team very knowledgeable, professional and always helpful in providing legal advice. With offices in Lancashire, Merseyside and Cumbria, Napthens LLP provides a wide range of services to property clients. The practice focuses primarily on refinance and loan orders, property sales and purchases, and has recently seen an increase in options transactions. Team Leader Jamie Allison is involved in the strategic development of the commercial property market in Cumbria, advising on leisure, licensing and rural matters. David Hill, based in Blackburn, specialises in leisure, landlord and tenant matters and the purchase of companies financed by banks without legal personality. Martin Beardsworth has extensive experience in commercial real estate and Tony Coates is involved in real estate financing, as well as the acquisition and disposal of commercial and small business real estate. We offer competent services to assist you in individual, family and commercial legal matters. We specialize in property transfers, property transfers, family law, criminal law, and wills and probates. Butcher & Barlow LLP`s commercial real estate offering spans six locations in the Northwest and specializes in a range of topics including land acquisition, property management and commercial leases. The Premium Quality Individuals team is led by Rachel Martin, who advises on strategic development transactions, including option agreements and medical practice-owned properties. Daniel Woodcock leads several key transactions and Rebecca Jepson, who describes clients as “caring, educated and motivated,” has experience in agricultural real estate.

James Hodgson has particular expertise in handling acquisitions and sales on behalf of pension funds. Andrew Mackenzie is also recommended, while Jonathan Aldersley, a “reliable but dynamic” senior partner, is another key figure on the team. “I have worked extensively with Helen Davidson on a number of projects and negotiations over the past few years. Helen is a very knowledgeable and professional person who has always provided sound and timely legal advice. She took the time to fully understand what our business is and what she needs. I have found that Helen is positive and approachable and always ready to help and guide me and my team members. I find that the work that is done is well thought out and of a very high level throughout. He always ensures that deadlines are met. I consider Helen a valuable member of the team. While Temple Heelis` commercial real estate team regularly advises on a number of transactions, its expertise lies in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Lucy Benton, an associate lawyer, leads the practice and handles files for a variety of clients, from farmers and charities to investors and manufacturers. Benton is closely supported by Yasmin Blamire, who deals with landlord and tenant issues, financial restructuring of real estate portfolios and option agreements.

“I find the SAS Daniels team helpful and they are happy to take the time to talk when needed. You have a large team, so you are covered for any legal situation. The Lancaster-based Oglethorpe Sturton & Gillibrand team has built a loyal client base through expertise in real estate development, sales and acquisition, and landlord and tenant issues. Alison Kinder leads the practice and has over 25 years of experience in the commercial and residential real estate industry. David Park advises on farmland and advertising deals, while Allan Sumner works for regional and local developers. “Napthen was able to anticipate many of the problems and problems before they occurred. They worked with the sales representative to expedite the process of buying the property. In addition, Tony Coates was honest and available, which meant that all questions were answered quickly and efficiently. The support team was extremely prompt with any documentation, both during deployment and vendor research, to ensure the process could proceed as quickly as possible.

“The company focuses on developing and maintaining relationships through the quality of services offered.