Nest Legal Jobs

Nest Legal Jobs

Steven P. Ragland Steven Ragland knows that to be a great litigator, you have to deal easily with treacherous situations. Fire juggling is one of the many unique jobs and talents Steven demonstrated before becoming a lawyer. Modern lawyers who are tech-savvy and want to be part of a “newlaw” firm with approaches such as fixed fees, cloud-based technology, and non-hierarchical structures. If you are a good candidate for our team, send your CV via to our directors Talya, Shelley and Laura. EW runs a number of reward and recognition programs throughout the company to ensure that brilliant work is recognized and everyone is motivated to do their best. Team members who work hard but have a life outside the law. At Nest, we pride ourselves on the work-life balance we create for our team and welcome candidates looking for part-time or in-school positions. From our teams of highly skilled consultants dedicated to supporting our clients, to our back-office teams ensuring smooth service, we are extremely proud of our team.

We work hard to make Nest Legal a safe place for people from all walks of life. A space where we can work and grow together. A space where all people are celebrated, welcomed and encouraged to contribute their best ideas on how we can do law differently. After three months of service, you are entitled to take out private health insurance. We pay 25% of the cost of individual coverages and after three years we pay 100%! Stuart Gasner When Stuart Gasner is not in court against the SEC, he can be found in Honolulu or Santa Cruz. Stuart has been an avid surfer for years! We believe that a talent-driven company should be diverse and we are committed to creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do, from how we serve our customers and develop products and services, to how we help and support our employees. White water rafting guide Jennifer Huber knows how to navigate rough waters. At WorkNest, we believe that our employees are who we are. Lawyers with 2+ years of experience in transfer of property, wills and inheritance law or family law.

In addition to the contractual right to 25 days` annual leave, we grant you an additional day of leave for each year of service. It can take up to 30 days! At WorkNest, we understand the importance of an engaged, healthy, diverse, and inclusive culture. That in itself is a good thing and it also makes economic sense. A challenging, long-term career with a variety of paths and opportunities for advancement. Birthday parties that will make your day the most beautiful of the year. Competitive salaries based on your skills and experience. To support your health and wellbeing, you can sign up for a gym of your choice and we will provide £15 per month for membership. Nic Marais While he can`t jump out of a plane to hand over a memoir at the courthouse, Nic Marais is known for doing everything he can for clients. Skydiving is one of his many passions outside the office. Our colleagues` discount website offers you cash discounts and cash back rewards for a wide range of products and services. We will never stop finding new ways to help our team learn, grow and develop their skills. But we value the happiness and satisfaction of our team and the joy we have at work as much as the results we get.

And we know it`s the warmth and support at every level that really brings our culture to life. At Keker, Van Nest & Peters, we regularly take on cases in the process – the most difficult cases that are most at stake. The lawyers we hire strive to sit with the best and sit in front of the best. And when they get here, they do it – from day one. All of this is reflected in our Silver Investors in People accreditation and the consistently high engagement values of our peers, and we are always looking for new ways to make WorkNest a great place to work. A generous training allowance and an ongoing investment in your growth. An employer committed to your goals and creating the best company culture We offer a contributory pension plan for all colleagues with a salary exemption system so you can save as efficiently as possible. We value, respect and support our colleagues, understand the importance of work-life balance and work together to deliver the brilliant service our clients expect. Talented, positive and warm people who really enjoy helping clients and colleagues. And who also know for themselves when to ask for help. Declaring the first home grant for the third time? Renew a financing clause? Are you stepping in to help a colleague reach an agreement? No problem! Receiving Great Place to Work certification from Great Place to Work Australia New Zealand is a testament to our team`s mission and the culture we have created together.

Creative problem solvers and innovative thinkers who find new ways to improve the law for our team and our clients. Sometimes everyone needs a little support. The EAP is here to help you with a range of personal questions free of charge. You`ll get Level 1 coverage from the Medicash Health Plan, which gives you and 4 children cash back for glasses, dental care, access to online doctors, and more. WorkNest is a fast-growing services company specializing in high-quality in-house support for human resources, employment, health and safety. With offices across the country, our clients range from small independent businesses to household names such as Cranswick, Holland and Barrett and Oxford University.