Msf Doom Campaign Requirements

Msf Doom Campaign Requirements

Recently, there have been significant changes in Doom raids, which included T1 Iso-8 requirements and granted T2 Iso-8 rewards. While these changes are important for how players will evolve in the future, we know it was a bigger leap than expected. To allow for a smoother transition to the updated Doom raid, several steps are being taken. Campaigns are the primary method of obtaining equipment, experience, gold and training materials. In addition, many characters can only be cultivated through campaigns. There are currently 7 campaigns, namely Heroes Assemble, Villains United, The Nexus, Cosmic Conflicts, Mystic Forces Rising, Doom War and Isotope-8. The latest update to the game has given us a new set of Doom campaign nodes to tackle! Although I have to go back and start this series with Chapter 1, today I will review the best ways to 3 star Doom Chapter 4. I don`t necessarily want to focus on the strength of my team, as there are several ways to approach these nodes. Thank you! I`m currently working with my team to unlock the Doom campaign. Black Bolt has -10% health and +5% damage (previously 40%, now 45%) The Ultimates of both Electros are now level 6, not level 7. There is a high risk of Polaris falling during the second wave, and it is difficult to protect it. You can always try swapping them with Jubilee or Beast for more longevity for your team. They will exchange AoE for healing, but sometimes that`s what we need to get the 3 stars.

Wave 1: Omega Red, Bishop, Kitty Pryde, Silver Samurai*, Hela, Sabretooth* There are a few key players in this wave. Baron Zemo is the main target thanks to his skill block and overall damage. However, remember that Crossbones has a taunt that will catch your eye if you spend too much time defeating Zemo. The mercenary lieutenant is also a threat to their polishing skills, but they are muddy enough not to be a big deal. It will have the same costs and rules as other raids and will use raid power and ultimate keys. Taskmaster`s Ultimate starts without capacity power. Hela`s Ultimate in the first wave is now level 5, not level 7. In this next wave, there is only one AIM operator to fear, so start attacking it. You will have the same challenges and strategies as Wave 1, except with one less Hulk and a black window instead of the invisible woman. Longshot`s Ultimate deals massive damage to the operator, and then you can clean up the rest, starting with the Hulks. Since you have time, rebuild the Multiple Man clones.

Wave 3 falls at some point as soon as there are two toons left on the opposite side. I know it`s in the video, but it would be nice to have it visually referencable at a glance, instead of switching between video and game, and then searching the video for the next character, and so on. This wave falls after eliminating two toons (not counting Helas Greg) and brings more synergy in wave 1 with Maw + Thanos and Cloak + Dagger. If you haven`t taken out both coats, finish them off with the dagger. Ebony Maw should be your next target, even before Hela, if she kicks again. Keep in mind that Hand Sentry applies stealth to the entire opposing team, limiting your goals. The purpose of these changes is to allow players to target certain crystals more effectively (via missions that cost 12 of ISO 8 campaign energy) or to make untargeted but guaranteed progress (by collecting fragments of mission bullets that cost 24 of ISO 8 campaign energy). The ultimate goal of defeating these nodes of the war of fate is to gain the ability to cultivate knots for Symbiote Spider-Man! So let`s talk about strategy, things to watch out for, and main goals when you complete these nodes! Ideal team: Polaris, Longshot, Shatterstar, Multiple Man, X-23*. Wave 2: Silver Samurai*, Lady Deathstrike*, Beast, Hela This wave starts around 6/14, and again we get another cape! For this reason, the dagger is a main objective in wave 2, otherwise you leave a lot of synergy on the board for the opponent. Focus on leftover damage dealers like Hela, as Doctor Strange and Loki don`t have much firepower. I would only know about Loki`s Ultimate, as it will pit your powerful toons against yourself.

It is a difficult knot that can be closed simply because of the red omega. If you can turn it off in the first wave, the rest should be a no-brainer. This will be difficult to achieve, which is why I propose this secondary option. If you have problems with this wave, check if you can save the Ultimate from X-23. This hopefully allows you to target the AIM operator, or at least get rid of a laggard from a previous wave. With Doctor Doom in tow, you should be able to have the firepower and range to beat that. Hulks can be painful with their mocking and slam skills, so Doctor Doom`s basic ability to apply Disrupted can come in handy. Doom Node 4-6 will probably cause the most problems, as Omega Red is a formidable opponent.

Even with Doctor Doom by your side, it can be a real challenge. I don`t know what the lower team power threshold is for a 3-star rating, but it`s probably around 400K+, depending on the team composition. If you can do 3 stars with less than that, I want to hear about it! For survival, I love Doc Ock here. The ability to apply regeneration to your entire team is huge to ensure you get the coveted 3-star rating. I don`t like Heroes for Hire very much for these nodes, but they should be a proper team with Shang-Chi in the mix. The Symboites might be fine in Doom 4-1 because there are a lot of minions, but they might have problems with 4-2 and 4-3. Let me start by saying: my fellow MSF players, those of you who have a new/medium game, we need to invest and equip ourselves smart! As finalists, we feel the training material and the gold crisis. Therefore, we need to be efficient but effective by playing and unlocking PVE content through valuable teams and not investing too much. For example, power armor was needed for Doom 3-7 to 3-9, but now Kestrel can do it solo. This saves 4 extra characters of equipment/gold investment that are not required. enemies of the first wave have -35% health (was 175%, now 140%) This should prevent the opposing team from reproducing with active taunts.

Assemble a team of villains to unite everyone against Ultimus. IMPORTANT: These status changes are additive, so a damage multiplier of 200% becomes 180% and NOT 160%. The other approach is to remove all doombots from the equation to make your life easier. Unfortunately, most of them ignite quickly, so I don`t think this is the way to go. If you`re using Cloak & Dagger, Cloak`s Ultimate is a great help in dealing that AoE damage and giving you some time at the start of the battle while Dagger`s Ultimate reloads. Save Dagger Ult for wave 2. We also get a Doctor Doom again, so use his power and AOE. If you have the time (or if you have someone you can designate for it), it would be really great to have, in addition to the nodes/characters, the specific stats you had that each of the characters who managed to get married. Follow the same steps we used in previous nodes: Shatterstar to apply Defense Down and work through Bishop to access priority targets.

While Omega Red is the biggest threat, it will also be the hardest to defeat. I recommend focusing on Sabertooth and Silver Samurai to get rid of that synergy. You`ll only have to cut Omega Red as the waves progress, but at least he`ll be without his beloved allies from Weapon X. Wave 1: Captain America (Sam)*, Sharon Carter*, Graviton x2, AIM Monstrosity x3. See how S.T.R.I.K.E. fights against Ultimus and saves the multiverse from his iron rule. Recruit teammates, meet multi-versal allies, and defeat Ultimus` army of corrupt warriors. Right outside the door, we have Doctor Doom and 4 Doombots to manage. There are a few approaches you can take with this first wave. In one approach, you focus the fire only on Doctor Doom to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

This makes you vulnerable to more enemies than you neglect. Wave 1: Taskmaster*, Kingpin, Bullseye, Vulture, Mercenary Riot Guard x2. You have to be careful with this wave because of the SHIELD Troopers. You get free attacks when you target neighboring enemies, and this damage can pile up. Using your multi-man clones as cannon fodder sacrifices works very well in this situation. Target the Secret Avengers, as the Infectors themselves aren`t really a threat. If you`ve backed up X-23`s Ultimate, this is a great place to finally use it. Minions are mushy.

Wave 2: AIM-Operator*, Hulk x2, Black Widow, Mantis, She-Hulk There is no date yet for the return of First Strike, but we are working hard to make it available as soon as possible. We will keep you informed. I`ve tried full Mercs and it just doesn`t work unless they`re bigger than g12. It is cheaper to bring Aimguards, Suisun and Graviton for use with Shuri and Killmonger. This is where Multiple Man can shine, because once he uses his Ultimate, you have many more targets for enemies to choose from.