Best Legal Jobs Reddit

Best Legal Jobs Reddit

I`ve always heard that lawyers have had better hours than doctors, but I consistently find that almost all lawyers work 60 hours a week and that really dampens my enthusiasm for the profession. Are there any jobs in law that are really a 9-5? The websites of your local bars or legal newspapers probably also have publications. Edit: Obviously, all lawyers have an important responsibility and work hard. I just want to say jobs where you`re not there until 10 p.m. on weekends, for example, I`ve seen two areas where people seem to get the most satisfaction from their jobs. Public interest and judges. The people I`ve met have all been in the game for some time. Has had various jobs over the years. It seems that when these two groups get up in the morning, they have a reason to do so.

And that reason is not to meet billable hourly requirements and be stressed. Then convince yourself that the payment is worth it. Just my interpretation of the situation. You will struggle with random online applications in the legal field. longer check the websites of companies you may want to work for in Outta nowhere`s legal department? Legal jobs? I am fascinated. Details please. In-house is by far the best work-life. I don`t agree with people here who say that internal concerts require >40 hours a week. I have a close friend (former colleague) who made this transition and managed to change his life. In retrospect, he was never adapted to the often unreasonable demands of a busy, high-profile company that took him away from his family. In the federal government department, he is still faced with complex legal issues, but also has to deal with things like leadership and project management. Not for everyone, but he is now much happier and his whole family life is back on a balanced keel.

The problem is that anyone looking for certain jobs dreams of the massive potential stroke of luck at the end of the rainbow that the vast majority of them won`t really see. There is almost always a better option than that. It`s like saying that the only people who succeed as actors are those who can only be actors. The others find a way of much less resistance to get better funds, rather than grinding for 20 years to finally get a representative to pay the bills. Most of my friends work in real estate, finance, accounting, entertainment, sports (agents) and most of them hate their job even more than I do! I have a childhood friend who is a rock star, and he seems pretty happy, so you can always do it. Probably internally. Have a few friends who have moved on, and they more typically work 50-hour weeks and don`t have to worry about bills. Judges can also be well-paying jobs, and mediators/arbitrators can have a good quality of life and flexibility if they build a good clientele that wants to pay a high hourly rate. But this usually comes from years of practice at first instance or from a former judge. It`s amazing how many people I hear have not been ranked in the ultra-competitive ranks in their ultra-competitive professions, but have found a way to make decent money.

Know someone who went to medical school and couldn`t get into one of the major surgical pathways, but found several non-traditional apparitions, like a 1-day-a-week home medical consultation, while doing other jobs that ultimately made them just as much money. When it comes to work-life balance jobs fresh out of law school, at most you can test the waters with small businesses and try not to be perceived as too lazy. Many low-paying jobs know they are poorly paid and can be quite cold as a result, but in reality, it all depends on what it means to “pay enough to survive.” Starving? That probably won`t happen with most legal jobs, no matter how well they get paid. Living debt-free and saving for retirement and having a home and family? You may need to earn more than survive., I`ve had a lot better luck with these than with the law-specific ones If you want to do legal work but don`t want to be a “real lawyer,” regulatory compliance is the way to go. So everyone knows that Biglaw is the career within the law that pays the most and has the worst quality of life. What is the other side of the coin? What is the legal work that pays enough to survive, but isn`t it exhausting? He has to be there. I work as an immigration lawyer for a non-profit organization that makes work-life balance a priority – typically working about 40 to 45 hours a week and earning a competitive salary for community service legal work. I think the key is that I work in an office where I`m one of two lawyers out of a total of about 25 employees, and my boss is not a lawyer. If I end up being an hour late to finish something, or if I work a few hours on a Saturday morning to catch up on cases, I`m perceived as beyond that and I`m often reminded to make sure I`m not working too hard.

I follow the non-profit world, I talk to lawyers who work there to get an idea of the work culture. And I think working for a non-lawyer helps. Yes, that`s it. The best area of law with the balance between law and professional and personal life is actually not a “field of law”. Those who are legally well qualified can hold excellent leadership positions in government here and there. Yes, the salary is good, but rarely stellar and there are quite a few new significant frustrations in this environment. But if your square pen doesn`t fit into the round hole of the legal professions, then you should look at the roles of government. Domestic violence / child advocacy (public interest) – which is of course a lot of family law, but also civil law regulations of protection, housing, employment, title 7 and title 9 (often in civil legal aid you can wear many hats that I like). I worked in this field as a lawyer for five years and now I am a 3L, I look forward to working directly with the survivors again. The reason I went to law school was that working with these people would have so many overlapping and conflicting issues and would be able to have a trauma-informed, friendly and intelligent advocate EXPLAIN what`s going on, hold them accountable. I wanted to be able to be that lawyer – to help them understand their rights and restore hope.

The work is emotional and hard, but it has my heart 100% – I`m happy to talk more if you`re interested in this area. Personally, I love compliance work. Typically in a corporate environment, you have manageable hours and expectations. Work with many non-legal departments so you don`t risk being constantly surrounded by stressful and exhausted colleagues. Ultimately, your job comes down to understanding complicated rules and regulations and helping them break them down so that they are easy to understand. Most government jobs have normal working hours and you can leave the work behind if you go home for the weekend. But in most cases, that means moving to Washington, D.C., or a state capital. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. After working with lawyers for 5 years in the state government, I can confirm this, and this is also my plan. Plus good retirement planning and health insurance. I`ve been very happy in my job, so I know I`ll be happy no matter what I do next. I just took the bar last week and still don`t know exactly what I want to pursue, but as an OP open to almost everything. Tax law – high demand, high salary, few (if any) delays. Tax lawyers have greater job satisfaction than most other lawyers and a better work-life balance. Depending on the economic climate, between 30% and 50% of law graduates work 0 hours a week as lawyers, so there are some.