Berkeley Law Decision Date

Berkeley Law Decision Date

The LSAT is the best predictor for grades from the first law school. The best overall prognosis results from the combination of the LSAT score with bachelor GPA. Admissions officers use a combination of LSAT and bachelor`s GPA when making admission decisions. The legal education community generally agrees that the competencies assessed by the LSAT are directly relevant to law school and legal practice. Notification of decision Notifications of decision are sent to applicants as soon as decisions are taken. For the majority of candidates, this is usually until mid-March. An admitted candidate has several weeks to respond to the offer, but in no case does a candidate need to respond before April 1st. Note that the early decision process takes place according to a different schedule, as explained on another page of our website. If you have any questions, contact us at instead of calling the office.

Requests other than those triggered by a particular concern only delay the processing of applications. Applicants for an advance ruling must apply between September 1 and November 15. The LSAT score is an important approval factor. In combination with the GPA of the baccalaureate, it offers the best indication of academic achievements and potential. You should only repeat the test if you think your first score was atypical and you can improve your score enough to make a net profit. The majority of candidates take the test only once. If you take the test more than once, we will use the highest score. We recognize that in the standard error of the test measurement, there is no statistical significance for a gain or loss of certain points. No admission decision is made solely on the basis of an LSAT score. We take many factors into account. Candidates are asked to provide all results obtained in the last five years for each exam.

We use the highest score in admission decisions. LSAT information and registration are available on the LSAC website. The gre information is available on the ETS website. You must register for the test well in advance of the actual test date. You can check the status of your application at Berkeley Law School using the online application status checker. This feature allows you to monitor the status of your file as you wish. Your status will be updated as changes are made to your application. If you are currently pursuing your bachelor`s degree, you should not wait for the fall or winter semester grades to be published on your transcript before sending them to LSAC.

You may update your application by sending these notes to LSAC and emailing a copy to our office after publication. We consider both tests to be valid and reliable for approval purposes. We do not prefer or consider LSAT over GRE. If you think we should consider one score over another, you can add an addendum to your request. Candidates are invited to take one or both tests. Applicants must report all results for the past five years. Due to the large number of applications we receive, some time may elapse between the submission of an application, the receipt of a notice of review and a final decision. Until you receive a notification that your file is being reviewed, you should assume that it is incomplete and that no action will be taken. Reconsideration Once an applicant has been refused authorisation, the decision is final. There is no review. Exceptions are made only in unusual cases where an error for which the applicant was not responsible and to which he immediately drew the attention of the Faculty of Law could have influenced the decision.

Since files are reviewed on a comparative basis, a review would open up the possibility of giving unfair attention to individual applicants. It is therefore avoided. Applicants are invited to reapply and must follow the regular application instructions and re-register with the CAS. Updated transcripts should be sent directly to LSAC, not to the law school. If you have letters that are a few years old, it would be a good idea to contact the original referees and give them the opportunity to update their letters with new information. However, it does not matter if the letters are from 1-2 years ago. Your username and password will be sent to the email address provided in your application. If you have any problems, please contact the J.D. Admissions Office at (510) 642-2274 or For applications that are not yet complete, it may take a few weeks for your application to be processed. LSAC will notify you when your report is sent to us. The J.D.

Admissions Office will notify applicants by email if additional information is required to complete your application. As soon as your status changes in the notice, you will also receive an email notification. The review process We recommend that you complete and submit your application as soon as possible. You are responsible for ensuring that we receive your completed application by February 15th. The deadline for the advance ruling program is November 15. We do not accept late applications. 225 Law Building Berkeley, CA 94720-7200 Phone: 510-642-2274 Fax: 510-643-6222 The student`s role is advisory and the decisions of faculty members are final. Only students who are members of the Admissions Committee are allowed to read the files. You can indicate on the application form whether or not you agree to have your file read by a student member of the committee. When evaluating your application, the focus is not on whether or not you accept a student exam.

In any case, the absolute confidentiality of all documents is maintained. When you apply, you will be asked to enter all the data you have taken or plan to complete the LSAT. If you specify a test date in the future, we will retain your request until these test results have been received. We will not review your application until such date. If you do not attach a future LSAT to your application, we will fill it out upon receipt. If you later decide on a future LSAT, please feel free to email us and ask us to withhold your application until the results are published. The deadline for admission as a first-year student ends on February 15. Applicants for an advance ruling must apply by November 15. The rigor of undergraduate schools and individual majors is taken into account during the examination process, but it is rare that the school where a candidate graduated is the only basis for decision. We are interested in looking at people`s achievements, not the schools they attended. AMP and LSAT alone are not decisive.

The registration deadline is usually from December to April. Applicants for an advance ruling will be notified by 7 December. All decisions are final. Applications are first carefully reviewed on a comparative basis. Therefore, a review after the end of the procedure may lead to an unfair situation more favourable to the individual applicant. Such an examination would not have the perspective offered by the initial comparison with other applications. Applicants for an advance ruling must take the LSAT no later than October of the year before the desired registration. Deferral of admission Students must register for the year for which they were admitted. However, there are a number of deferrals each year that may be granted for admission and financial support at the discretion of the Dean.

Some of the reasons why a postponement may be granted include admission to simultaneous study, a serious illness in the family, the award of a scholarship or any other extraordinary opportunity. Postponements are generally no longer possible after mid-July. Analytical reasoning questions assess the ability to consider a group of facts and rules and, based on those facts and rules, determine what could or should be true. These questions require the candidate to organize the given information and logically draw certain conclusions (or deductive conclusions) from this information. These skills are key elements of the ability to think critically. The argumentation skills assessed in analytical thinking correspond to those involved in the type of legal reasoning used in law schools and legal practice to understand and organize a set of conditions, rules or regulations and initial conditions, and then determine what might or should be the case given this information. The deadline for applying as a transfer student from another law school is June 1. Notification of request status We will not take any action until your request is complete. Applications are considered complete when the following are received and processed: an application form, an application fee (or fee waiver), a CAS transcript summary, an LSAT score (the most recent reported on your application), a curriculum vitae and a personal statement.

Completing your file may require additional steps on your part, such as paying to send a CAS report. Following the committee`s review, some candidates are admitted, others are put on a waiting list and the other candidates are refused admission.