Bcl Legal Dublin

Bcl Legal Dublin

BCL graduates may also pursue successful careers other than in legal practice (e.g. as diplomats, journalists, broadcasters, authors or researchers) in Ireland or abroad. Graduates may pursue graduate programs in law such as the LLM and/or a PhD in their field of interest. UCD`s Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) has a proud history and reputation at home and abroad. The BCL degree allows you to immerse yourself in the study of law, engage in a range of interesting legal perspectives, and gain a deep understanding of how law works in theory and practice. But this degree is highly valued by all employers and there are other ways that take you far beyond the legal profession, such as journalism, politics, public service, and working for private companies. Every organization faces legal requirements and complexities that require the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking of graduates like you in our program. The BCL at UCC is a comprehensive three-year law degree that ensures a critical understanding of the fundamental principles of Irish and international law, as well as a number of interesting optional areas of law study. Alternatively, a Law Pathways student may apply for a four-year study program that includes one or two semesters for a work or study abroad internship. The comprehensive legal education at UCC and the breadth of study and internship opportunities position UCC law graduates in a unique way for future study and employment opportunities. In addition, Ireland`s key role in Brexit has led it to focus on a place of great importance to the legal community.

As international companies continue to seek expansion and expertise in legal technology overseas, Dublin is increasingly a legal hub on the radar. Internal Commercial Paralegal – Reputable National Company – 12-Month Contract The BCL is usually a three-year course. However, you can choose to spend an additional year abroad at one of our partner universities in Spain, Scotland, China or Poland, experience life in another country and study a different legal system. Our BCL (Clinical) programme is a four-year degree that offers a unique opportunity to work within the Irish legal system and facilitate the development of professional, organisational and interpersonal skills in the workplace. This program includes an internship of at least one semester in a professional environment, including law firms, NGOs and regulatory bodies. This program combines the study of law with an understanding of how law works in practice, develops workplace and interpersonal skills, and adds immense value to your resume. Our BCL (Hons) Law Pathways programme is offered by the College of Business & Law at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland. The program allows law students to earn a general law degree that can be tailored to their own interests. By completing this degree, you can specialise in areas such as international law, business law, human rights law, etc. You will also develop a solid foundation in legal research and writing, advocacy and legal argumentation. These transferable skills are attractive to employers in a variety of professions and industries.

Basically, this unique program allows you to customize your law degree and maximize your potential and opportunities. Learn how the legal process works and how law and social forces influence each other in our modern world. In this degree, you will examine the main fundamental principles of law (e.g. constitutional law, contract law and criminal law) and examine critical perspectives on the nature of these issues, legal practice and the broader role of law in society. The Faculty of Law runs a summer internship program that provides internships and internships for UCC law students who wish to experience legal practice at the national and/or international level during their summer vacation. This is in addition to the internship aspect of the BCL (Pathways) and BCL (Law & Irish) study programmes. For more details on QQI requirements and relevant codes, please click here. Simply enter the DC code of the program you are interested in, or if you are not sure about the code, enter DC in the Select by Institution option, and then click OK. Our approach to learning also reflects our commitment to the connected curriculum, where we focus on connecting students, learning, research and leadership through our vision of a connected university. Our employees are at the forefront of this inclusive approach to learning, helping you make meaningful connections within and between disciplines such as law, human rights, governance, global issues and languages. 3 years or 4 years if you follow the BCL (International) or bcL (Clinic) Fantastic medium-sized company – Excellent quality of work – Cross-sector real estate transaction work – Extremely popular work culture – Solid salary and benefits Every campus has libraries, study rooms, restaurants and residences on campus. The sports facilities are located on two of the university campuses.

We also have our own sports campus in the form of St. Claire`s. The Writing Centre – Walk-in writing workshops for students during the school year “I really enjoyed my time at UCD and would recommend this course to anyone considering studying law. I have been able to study a variety of legal modules that interest me, such as international law, business law, and criminal law, and use electives to pursue other of my interests, such as Chinese language, economics, and culture. The opportunity to go to Austria erasmus for a term, meet different companies and organisations and get involved in student fraternities allowed me to meet new people, explore my interests and gain invaluable practical experience. Our BCL (International) program is an exciting and dynamic four-year degree that offers the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters at a partner university in China, India, the United States, Canada or Europe. Each study abroad option offers you a unique experience and the Program Director strives to balance your interests with those of our partners to ensure you have the best possible learning experience during your semester abroad. This opportunity will broaden your horizons, enhance your resume, and give you unique insight into the laws of another jurisdiction. The UCC Faculty of Law was ranked among the best law schools in the world in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject (2021). Candidates presenting EU/FETAC Level 5 graduation exams: Apply before 1 February or 1 May via the Central Applications Office (CAO) internship year You can also apply for a one-year intra-year internship in the third year. This gives you a unique opportunity to improve your RESUME, increase your employability and experience the relevance of your studies in the real world. This option is competitive and subject to investment availability.

For more information about the INTRA programme at DCU, please visit www.dcu.ie/intra Maths Learning Centre – provides mathematics support to students of all proficiency levels with mathematics modules that they will study in civil and criminal proceedings. There are more than 140 clubs and societies for students in the DCU, with “Clubs & Socs” days taking place at the beginning of the academic year at the Glasnevin and Drumcondra campuses. The library is the main place of learning for law students, and you should prepare in advance for lectures and tutorials and follow lectures and tutorials with plenty of time to read and deepen research on the material covered in class.