Base Legal Para Calculo De Aguinaldo

Base Legal Para Calculo De Aguinaldo

In the event of a severe economic crisis, other scenarios may occur and an agreement may be reached with the workers. The only thing employers shouldn`t do is calculate what the bonus is based solely on the reduced salary, as Sara Morgan, a lawyer for mexico City`s labor defense, has warned. Are federal paying workers eligible for premium payments? Due to the covid-19 health emergency, wage reduction has become a common practice during the pandemic. In fact, an estimated 32% of jobs cut their wages to overcome the crisis in 2020, according to Factor Capital Humano. How much should employees in the service of the state receive as a bonus? If you have not yet made the calculation of the bonus, it is time, there are still a few days before the legally established deadline is respected. The method of calculating your workers` premium is your choice, but as you can see in the examples, the differences between the amounts always vary depending on the salary of the worker who suits you one of the methods. Therefore, the timely calculation and delivery of the bonus contributes to the well-being of employees. And the good working atmosphere at the end of the year. In addition, it is also another way to take care of the image of the company in front of your own team. In these cases, the proportional part of the working time worked results from the salary or, on the basis of the working days worked (in both methods, the result is the same): the bonus is a compulsory benefit in Mexico, which corresponds to a bonus granted to employees in December. The bonus applies to employees in the service of the State (executive, legislative, judicial and federal district government), what sanctions are imposed on the employer who does not pay the premium? An advantage of the second method is that we can always start with the coefficient of 0.041 to multiply it by the number of working days and later by the daily salary of the employee. The exemption from the bonus must be taken into account in its entirety.

Even if the employee has not worked all year and is only entitled to a proportional premium, the amount of the exemption is taken into account in full and not proportionally. Based on remuneration approved by the Ministry of Finance and Public Loans (SHCP). What for? Since the IDS already incorporates all the benefits that the employee receives, including the bonus, an unlimited spiral would be triggered if you take this into account: by increasing the premium, the IDS would increase and so on, as IDC Online observes. To avoid these manual calculations and to get you involved in the previous operations, we have created this calculator for you. Download it and use it as many times as necessary to calculate your bonus or that of your employees: similarly, the Christmas bonus is a source of joy for all employees, but it is also a payment obligation for employers. Therefore, this is another management that must be taken over within companies in December. The basis for calculating the bonus is 15 days` salary No, the bonus is an inalienable right of employees regardless of other benefits. Under no circumstances may the employer invoke the economic difficulties of the company or the lack of profits to avoid paying it or reducing its amount. Maintenance also affects the full payment of the premium, as it must be deducted from the payment of the employee`s premium according to the percentage set by the family court judge. How to calculate the bonus for employees who have not completed 365 working days? Initially, the Aguinaldo was only a gratuity or gift that the employer voluntarily offered to its workers on the occasion of the celebration of the Christmas holidays. In view of the advantage of this advantage, it was enshrined in labour legislation in article 87 of the Federal Labour Code.

The rate is multiplied by the taxed bonus and this is the SRI of the bonus (D x taxed bonus). That`s why Mario Gómez, Master in Administration and Tax Specialist, suspended Worky – a cloud-based solution for companies to manage human capital – the three possible scenarios faced by workers who have worked in an outsourcing system: We charge: $400 x 15 days, which corresponds to the bonus by law = $6000 Therefore, we invite you to so that you know the details of how to calculate the bonus for your employees. As for the bonus, we know that it is the mandatory annual satisfaction that the employer must grant to the employee, which is the minimum part of 15 days` salary per year, provided that he has worked during this entire period, that is to say that errors, disabilities or the proportional part of the months during which he has not worked, be deducted from the bonus. As a rule, this extraordinary payment is used to finance expenses for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Therefore, it is a long-awaited benefit for workers. The base salary for the bonus estimate is the one normally received per working day, not the integrated daily wage (IDW) used for severance pay. No, except that there is a subordination to work through the provision of permanent services to a single employer and necessarily covers a working schedule with the duration of the legal maximum working day of 8 hours; Receive instructions from an immediate supervisor and hold a permanent job within the company or institution. Are employees in the service of the State who have not worked all year round entitled to bonuses? According to article 87 of the Federal Labour Code, the bonus must correspond to at least 15 days` salary. Employees who have worked for less than 1 year must receive the proportional share. And it must be paid before December 20.

Although this operation seems simple and represents a workers` right, after the regulation of the subcontracting of jobs, companies may have difficulties in providing the bonus, and according to the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servitur), more than 40% of companies are still not ready for a direct contract system. Yes, all persons who provide a personal service subordinate to a natural or legal person must receive it. They have the right to be remunerated in proportion to the time worked, whether they no longer work in the enterprise or are currently working for another enterprise. Therefore, understanding how to correctly calculate the premium not only frees us from the sanctions of authority and claims of our employees, but also allows us to fully respect a commitment that can make a difference in the economic life of millions of Mexicans today. If the two methods are in the same range of the tax rate in relation to the tax bases, it is not a difference in the tax that these tax bases result. The Christmas bonus is mandatory in Mexico, as well as in other Latin American countries. It is provided for in article 87 of the Federal Labour Act of 1970. Well, how do I know exactly what my workers` base salary is? Below we will explain and give examples of how the calculation is done in general, including some special cases. Read! Get the SRI of the regular income plus the bonus. Finally, it should be noted that for variable wage earners, the average daily income of the last 30 days is simply taken. SRI is one of the largest taxes in Mexico and is applied directly to people`s income, which includes the premium.

This tax is usually deducted from the gross salary that employees receive. Once applied, the net salary remains, which is the amount that the employee eventually receives. The premium is considered income exempt from the payment of SRI up to the amount resulting from the addition of 30 UMA per day (minimum wage), which corresponds to 2,534.70 pesos to the 2019 values. How will the bonus be calculated in 2022? To see. Article 87 of the Federal Labour Code stipulates that “employees are entitled to an annual bonus, which must be paid before 20 December in the amount of fifteen days` salary for less”. Yes, whether they are insured or not, they are considered active employees during the period of temporary disability and are therefore entitled to receive their full premium either from the company or from social security institutions. The bonus is a right that employees cannot do without, and at the same time it is a benefit that is completely independent of others. In this way, it represents an additional compensation to the 12 monthly payments that the employee receives during the year.